Finding the Cosmos in the Bramble


Andrew Beckham returns to Buffalo Peaks Ranch!

Finding the Cosmos in the Bramble: A Photographic Study of Seeds, Stars & Sedges

Saturday, June 9th, 10 am to 3:30 pm

Join artist and photographer Andrew Beckham for a day of exploration and photographic inquiry along the banks of the South Platte at Buffalo Peaks Ranch.
In the morning, we’ll look at a range of photographic approaches to seeing the land through the lens (literally and metaphorically) of cosmology, followed by significant time in the field, making images and collecting natural objects for further photographic study back at the Ranch. Andrew will share techniques and ideas for how to creatively engage with the “cosmos in the bramble.”
Suggested Equipment: DSLR, tripod, laptop with PhotoShop or similar software. For field exploration: sturdy boots, backpack, water bottle, layers (fleece, rain jacket, etc.).
Workshop fee is $50, plus a $3.03 ticketing fee. More details and directions will follow. Feel free to send any questions to

A Vortex of Brambles — Andrew Beckham

Andrew Beckham serves as the Visual Arts Department Chair at St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, Colorado, where he teaches aesthetics, photography, works on paper and the illustrated book. In recent years Andrew has devoted much of his creative practice to the design and construction of artist’s books, some of which have been placed in the Special Collections Departments at both the Penrose Library at the University of Denver and the Norlin Library at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Two of these books, The Lost Christmas Gift and Firmament, have been acquired by enthusiastic publishers (Princeton Architectural Press and GFT Publishing) who have helped to bring his work to a much wider audience.


In the fall of 2013, Andrew Beckham’s first solo museum exhibition was installed in the Taylor Museum at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.


 “Andrew Beckham is a lot of things, but I would consider him a visual poet, using language both written and visual to construct nuanced work that is compelling, fragile, and poignant.” — Aline Smithson, Lenscratch

For more on Andrew Beckham and his work, be sure to visit his website!



Registration is Open for our Summer Ranch Schedule!


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing much more information on this summer’s Ranch Workshops & Events. But for now, we are excited to announce that registration has begun for our 2018 schedule!


Please join us this summer, and enjoy the inspiring learning landscape that is Buffalo Peaks Ranch!



A Big Day for Buffalo Peaks Ranch


What an amazing day! Yesterday the Rocky Mountain Land Library hosted it’s first volunteer Ranch Work Day of 2018. Denver was socked in with low clouds and showers, but somehow South Park managed to have a glorious blue-sky day.

Over 20 volunteers turned out, and before much time had past we had crews spread across the ranch doing a variety of tasks, including clearing the corral stalls of blown-in debris and preparing two old ranch trucks for their new lives. One truck will allow folks to string up hammocks for a night under the stars. And the old white pickup (seen above) will be the ranch’s new stage for live music!

We also cleared out a promising building that will soon house the ranch’s Childrens Library. While that was happening, another crew was rehabilitating an old caravan that will soon provide people a comfortable book-lined place to stay while visiting the ranch:


And it that wasn’t enough, we had a separate team digging holes, adding ranch manure, and planting seven hardy varieties of apple trees, along with two cherry trees!

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One of our (well-guarded) tree-planting teams.

What a remarkable crew! 

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Stay tuned for much more on Buffalo Peaks ranch’s best summer yet!

And if you’ve missed recent volunteer calls, feel free to email for updates & shout-outs!

Great Books, Wonderful People and a Few Sore Muscles


Thanks to great volunteers, the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s urban center is taking shape! Yesterday’s team (pictured above) arrived eager to unload over 1,000 boxes of Land Library books. Those boxes have been safely stored at Acme Distribution Center for more than five years. They were about to move on to actual book shelves!


While we waited for the truck to arrive, we continued to pop in shelves to the old Tattered Cover Book Store bookcases.


We had a few dozen book boxes already at the Globeville site, so we started to spread them across the empty shelves. This was a volunteer team that just couldn’t relate to an empty shelf!


Before we knew it, our new space started to look more and more like a library.


We were also getting excited about what amazing treasures we’d find once the 1,000+ book-boxes arrived.


We even had time to set up a wall of magazines & journals!


As those early tasks wrapped up, our semi-truck arrived from the Acme Distribution Center’s warehouse.


Alex, the driver, had an incredibly tight fit to deal with. After a few tries be docked the oversize load as if he was on a NASA mission to the moon.


We started rolling book pallets off the truck. Here’s the first 6, with 18 more to go!


Job done, and we even had time to sweep out the truck!


This was a great (& pivotal) day for the Land Library’s new home in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. Our thanks and admiration goes to all our volunteers, Patricia Miller for taking so many great photos, and to our friends at Acme Distribution Centers for helping the Land Library move forward over the past few years. Acme’s help with both transport and storage is about to reap a harvest in Globeville!

Stay tuned for what’s ahead — we’ve only just begun!





Unpacking the Land Library – it’s finally here!


“The unpacking of books, perhaps because it is essentially chaotic, is a creative act….” from The Art of Unpacking a Library by Alberto Manguel

With over 1,400 boxes of Land Library books spread across metro Denver, we have been looking for a site where we could bring all the books together, and start getting them ready for the shelves at South Park’s Buffalo Peaks Ranch, and eventually for our urban branch at Denver’s Puritan Pie Factory. We also have over 125 donated bookcases from the Tattered Cover’s old Cherry Creek store!

We’re excited to announce that we have found a spacious warehouse in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. In April, we’ll assemble the dismantled Tattered Cover shelves, and soon after begin moving in over 1,400 book boxes. Volunteers will begin to unpack the Land Library, sorting by subject, and determining titles destined for the ranch, or for the city. This job will take months to accomplish, but at long last, we’ll begin in April!

We love that the Globeville warehouse will not only be a central storage space, but very much an ongoing volunteer work site. And perhaps something more. Until the Puritan Pie Factory is ready to receive books, we are hoping that Globeville will eventually allow the Land Library to loan out books, and host occasional programs, such as our new Front Range Book Club.

We will need a lot of help to get this job done! In the next few weeks we’ll announce two moving dates, starting with the Tattered Cover bookcases, and followed by over a thousand boxes that have been stored at Acme Distribution Center for the past six years.

More to come in the next week or so, but please sign up for future volunteer alerts. We need to build a roster of Land Library volunteers we can call on for the exciting Globeville opportunity, plus numerous projects coming up this summer at Buffalo Peaks Ranch!

To sign up for future Land Library volunteer alerts, email!

The Puritan Maid Pie Factory to house an urban land library.

From the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s pop-up at the Puritan Pie Factory. photo by Helen Richardson, Denver Post

Join us for our Spring Seed Swap!

Spring is here! In preparation for your garden this summer, we are excited to announce the Rocky Mountain Land Library First Annual Seed Swap at Processus. We will have heirloom and organic seeds to share, and plenty of coffee on hand. Plus many books about gardening, seeds and seed saving.

Please bring some of your own seeds (and stories) to swap. And as an extra bonus of having the Seed Swap at Processus, you’ll be able to explore the Altered Nature print show on display.

FREE & Open to the Public

When: Saturday, April 7th, 10 am – Noon

Where: Processus, 955 24th St, Denver, CO 80205

For more information, email


“To swap seeds is to keep a variety strong and valuable – a genetic currency, the exchange of priceless genetic material. How interesting that the agrarian within us understands that to survive, to keep our food crops viable, we have to be openhanded. Seeds have a built-in requirement for generosity.” — Janise Ray