Official Land Library Guide to the Winter Olympics

Norman Hallendy photo2010 Winter Olympics

inukshuk (plural inukshuks or inukshuit)
1. A structure of piled stones, designed to resemble a humanoid figure and traditionally constructed by the Inuit.
2. In the likeness of a human being.

Snow or no snow, the Vancouver Olympics are underway. We were excited to see the official 2010 Winter Games logo, based on the classic Inuit cairns that inhabit the arctic north. Maybe it’s the sheer simplicity of form & materials, but we’ve always loved the notion of inuksuit. (In fact, the Land Library’s logo of a simple rock cairn was inspired by the stark beauty of inuksuit.)

Were they used for navigation, or as a marker for hunting grounds, or possibly as a food cache? Here’s a few books from the RMLL’s shelves that can help you decide. And if you would like to learn even more, read about the work of Norman Hallendy, author and inuksuk scholar.

Inuksuit bookTukiliit bookInukshuk BookGift of the Inuksuk


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