RMLL’s Official Olympic Guide, Part II

hoagland2010 Winter OlympicsMore than just the thrill of victory & the agony of defeat is on display at this winter’s Vancouver games. Over the next many days, we’ll all see dramatic images sweeping down from high mountain glaciers to the lush rainforests of Canada’s Pacific Coast.

If this inspires you to visit British Columbia, or to simply learn more, here are some excellent titles from the Land Library’s collection that will aid your explorations. (Yes, there are many, many titles from beyond the Rockies on the RMLL’s shelves!).

Learning more about the First Peoples of British Columbia might be a good place to start. There are several good studies available of the Haida, Salish, and Tsimshian peoples. Ethnobotanist Nancy Turner has many excellent books to her credit, including Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples, a rich compendium of edible plants, from water parsnips to high-bush cranberry.
food plantsraven travellingsalish people

And here’s two intriguing mythological studies of the coastal Haida: A Story as Sharp as a Knife by Robert Bringhurst and Gary Snyder’s He Who Hunted Bird’s in His Father’s Village.
bringhurstHe who hunted birdsHaida Monumental Art

No story of British Columbia can be told without acknowledging salmon’s central part in this region’s natural and cultural history. Here’s two unique titles from the Land Library’s salmonoid shelf, along with a beautifully illustrated children’s book from David Suzuki:
Salmon NationFirst Fish First PeoplesSalmon Forest

Taking all of this in, and transforming it into art is the work of artist and author Emily Carr. The Land Library is lucky enough to have many volumes of Carr’s own writings, along with several collections of her artwork. We even have a few fun books on Emily Carr at our Waterton Canyon Kids Library!
complete writingsbeloved landopposite contraries
four picturesEmily Carr at the Edge of the World


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