anthillant sketch
E.O. Wilson is regarded as one of the world’s leading biologists, and for many, one of the most persistent voices for conservation across the globe. He is the author of over twenty books, including his opus The Ants, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
The Land Library has always been excited to add another E.O. Wilson book to our shelves, and today’s arrival is no exception — Anthill, Wilson’s first foray into fiction. Set in the Alabama of Wilson’s youth, Anthill follows the adventures of a modern-day Huck Finn. Two critical comments caught our eyes. Diane Ackerman writes: Thick with the spell of nature, Anthill is a powerful tale of ant empires and a boy determined to save them. And John McCarter, the president of the Field Museum of Natural History, makes us want to drop everything and read, read, read: This is the way I will teach natural history to my grandchildren.
Congratulations E.O.!
e.o. portrait

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