Wouldn’t it be grand to open an Irish branch of the Rocky Mountain Land Library??

atlas rural landscapeulster
The Rocky Mountain Land Library’s celtic roots run deep. For the past 25 years, we have been building a strong collection of books on the natural history of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales — with a special emphasis on the Hebrides and Ireland’s western islands. On the occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s one of our favorites: Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape edited by F.H.A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan, and Matthew Stout.
This handsome atlas explores the rural landscape as a defining element of Ireland’s national heritage. Far more than a collection of maps, this book is thickly illustrated with photos, drawings, diagrams, and charts. An excellent text presents a narrative where layer upon layer of natural & cultural histories intertwine. Detailed descriptions are given of building styles, field and settlement patterns, archaeological monuments, villages, woodlands and bogs. Abundant maps open your eyes to Ireland’s glacial past, along with its rich heritage of stone circles, ring forts, sacred wells, Cistercian monasteries, and much more!

We’re also excited about the publication of The Natural History of Ulster by John Faulkner and Robert Thompson (also pictured above) — the first comprehensive study of the natural history of Ulster Province in the north of Ireland!

Here’s just a brief sampler of other Irish books that have found a home on the Land Library shelves. Which begs the question, wouldn’t it be grand to establish a Land Library in Ireland, perhaps along Dingle Bay??

pity youthconnemaraaran islandsbirds of ireland
twenty yearssmithsonian ireland
A Pity Youth Does Not Last: Reminiscences of the Last of the Great Blasket Island’s Poets and Storytellers by Micheal O’Guiheen, Connemara: The Last Pool of Darkness by Tim Robinson, Nature Guide to the Aran Islands by Con O’Rourke, The Complete Guide to Ireland’s Birds by Eric Dempsey & Michael O’Clery, Twenty Years A-Growing by Maurice O’Sullivan (a Great Blasket Island memoir), Ireland: A Smithsonian Natural History Guide by Michael Viney.


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