Is Reading Dead? Does Yann Martel want a tattoo??

Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi just received a surprise bit of fan mail. Why don’t you read the original, and then we can go from there:

Martel reports: “If there was a way of tattooing it on my back, I would. What amazes me is the gratuity of it. As you know, there is a large measure of calculation in what public figures do. But here, what does he have to gain? I’m not a US citizen. In no way can I be a help to President Obama. Clearly he did it for personal reasons, as a reader and as a father. And in two lines, what an insightful analysis of Life of Pi. Bless him, bless him.”

Reading may not be dead, but there goes my excuse for never having time to sit down with a good book!

baracklife of pi


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