The Green Hour

green hourgo wildnature's playground
Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get outside and explore — especially if you’re a kid! The National Wildlife Foundation has a terrific website ( that encourages adults to give children a “green hour” everyday — a time for unstructured play, and more to the point, a chance to muck around a bit in nature.
Todd Christopher, the creator of has just written a book full of activities and tips — The Green Hour: A Daily Dose of Nature for Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids.
For more tips & fun projects here are two other favorites (pictured above) from our Waterton Canyon Kids Library: Go Wild! 101 Things to Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up, and Nature’s Playground: Activities, Crafts and Games to Encourage Children to Get Outdoors — both authored by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield.

As the spring gets underway, don’t forget the palm sized, many-volumed Golden Guide series. You probably remember them from your childhood, and they’re still a terrific resource — virtually a portable library for naturalists of all ages:

insectspond lifemammalsreptiles


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