A Common Landscape?

fgt fieldsheade haystacks

It’s not the pristine wilderness where most of us form life-long ties to the land, but from the more common landscapes of grassland, pasture, parkland, and meadows — the edge zone between wilderness and where we live. Just published, The Field Guide to Fields: Hidden Treasures of Meadows, Prairies, and Pastures makes for a one-of-a-kind addition to anyone’s natural history shelves. We love its focus on landscapes long in association with man, as well as its celebration of worldwide rural traditions. Author Bill Laws tells a story rich in history, flora, and fauna, born from this vibrant borderland.
Please pick this book up and you’ll also discover one of the most beautifully illustrated and designed books of the season!

Finding this fun new book reminded us of many other Land Library titles, all united by their attention to rural traditions. Here’s three!

Field days poetryclearing landoliver rackham
Field Days: An Anthology of Poetry, edited by Angela King & Sue Clifford, and published by one of our all-time favorite groups:
Common Ground (more on them in future posts), Clearing Land: Legacies of the American Farm by Jane Brox, The History of the Countryside, Oliver Rackham’s classic study of the British landscape.


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