A Question for Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez believed that “the end of all education should surely be service to others.

The word service has been on our minds a lot lately. It’s definitely come to the forefront over the last few days as we’ve poured over our shelf of books devoted to Cesar Chavez and the farm worker movement. As many of you know, the Rocky Mountain Land Library is an all-volunteer organization. In the past, volunteers have hoisted boxes of books, organized book caravans, assembled shelves, and last summer scraped & painted ranch buildings in Colorado’s South Park (the future home of the majority of the RMLL’s books).

If anything, these tasks will multiply in the future, but something is still nagging at us, and here is our question on Cesar Chavez Day: can the Land Library as an organization do more?? Are there other ways of contributing to the community that we haven’t thought of?

This is where we NEED YOUR HELP! We would love to hear your ideas (or if you’d like to keep in touch concerning future volunteer days). At least once or twice a year, the Land Library would like to organize a Service Day — taking on some community project, and pitching in where we can help.

Picture this: we gather (in person or electronically) around Martin Luther King Day and come up with a plan. We prepare throughout the winter, and have a fun community work day(s) to coincide with Cesar Chavez Day. And if there’s more to accomplish, we’ll get it done on Earth Day!

Even though the Rocky Mountain Land Library is a relatively small organization, we would still like to join the effort to infuse these significant days with the spirit of community and service. And we’d like to join with others to make that happen.
Please send us your thoughts & ideas directly to this site, via our Facebook page, or by email to jeff@landlibrary.org.

Thanks for reading this, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our week-long focus on Cesar Chavez and the world he helped create!


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