ant coverbulldog ant

From a cover that looks like a 1950’s B-movie poster, to Mark Moffett’s amazing photos and very fun text, Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions is the box-office hit of the week at the Land Library. Moffett is a quirky combination of photographer, biologist, and explorer. To confuse matters even more, he has been called the Indiana Jones of entomology, and also the Jane Goodall of ants! Field biologist and author Bernd Heinrich had this to say about Mark’s book: “Think you know all about ants? Think again, and take it from Mark W. Moffett, who has traveled all over the world to study them. The world of ants seems to be a parallel universe to our own. It’s rife with warfare, terrorism, traffic jams, and highway infrastructure. A stimulating read, with stunning photography.”

To learn more about Mark’s work and the world of ants be sure to visit the Smithsonian Institution’s AntLab — it’s a great site.

pictured above: larvae and adult bulldog ant

leafcutter antscarpenter ant
pictured here: Leafcutter ants, carpenter ant

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