Trout: Native, Wild, and maybe Synthetic?


North America is graced with the greatest diversity of trout and salmon on earth. From brook trout in the east, to cutthroat trout in the Rockies and Chinook Salmon of the Pacific, the continent is home to more than 70 types of salmonids.

A veritable dream team collaborated on the recent book Trout and Salmon of North America. Robert Behnke, the dean of trout biologists, provided the field-tested encyclopedic text, while Joseph Tomelleri (perhaps the foremost fish illustrator today) makes this an exceptionally beautiful book to peruse. Published in 2002, this hefty book already has the feel of a classic work of natural history — so much so, that the Land Library keeps looking for additional copies, in anticipation of many years of heavy use ahead!

Also pictured above: An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World by Anders Halverson. This fascinating new book extends the story of both man and trout. Anders Halverson will discuss his new book as part of the Rocky Mountain Land Series on 5/8/10. (For more information, click on this Rocky Mountain Land Series link).

Here’s a few more books on trout from the Land Library’s shelves!

wild troutbergmanbrook
In Praise of Wild Trout: On the Pleasure, Biology, and Preservation of Wild Trout, edited by Nick Lyons, Trout by Ray Bergman, Brook Trout by Nick Karas.

Plus Patrick Trotter’s classic work, Cutthroat: Native Trout of the West:



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