A Portrait of the Naturalist as a Young Man

far agohudson portrait

Far Away and Long Ago: A Childhood in Argentina by W.H. Hudson

As W.H. Hudson lay sick in bed in England when he was nearly eighty years old, his entire childhood flooded back to him so vividly that he could write in exact detail long forgotten recollections of the house in which he was born and the grassy plains of Argentina that were the staging ground for his youthful adventures. Hudson had lived the full life of a naturalist, and was the author of such books as Green Mansions and Idle Days in Patagonia. But it is with this book that the persistence of a boy’s animism comes through, with tales of gauchos, owls, grebes, peregrines, and snakes galore.

One of our absolute favorite parts of the Land Library’s collection are the shelves devoted to “portraits of the naturalist as a young child.” Here’s an earlier post on the youthful wanderings of naturalist Edwin Way Teale:

To Make the World My Own

idle daysgaucho
Here’s another wonderful book from W.H. Hudson: Idle Days in Patagonia

hudsons books

We may say, in fact, that unless the soul goes out to meet what we see we do not see it; nothing do we see, not a beetle, not a blade of grass. — W.H. Hudson

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