A Brilliant Box of British Bird Books

kingfisherriver diary

As we’ve reported in the past, thanks to the generosity (& imagination!) of a Land Library supporter, a few times a year we receive a battered, but not bruised, shipment of books from an English bookseller. These books have added such an exciting depth and diversity to the Land Library’s shelves!

As we unpacked the most recent shipment, we were especially impressed by the latest crop of British bird books. For sheer visual impact, it’s hard to match Charlie Hamilton James’ Kingfisher: Tales from the Halcyon River (pictured above). We’ll never look at the kingfishers along Denver’s streams in the same way! (Charlie Hamilton James has also teamed up with Philippa Forrester in a follow-up book, Halcyon River Diaries, an in-depth look at the wildlife of a typical English stream).

And here’s a few more unique titles from our Brilliant Box of British Bird Books!

swallowsflocksbird migrationstarlingsthis birding life
A Single Swallow: Following an Epic Journey from South Africa to South Wales by Horatio Clare, While Flocks Last: An Armchair Birdwatcher Goes in Search of Our Most Endangered Species by Charlie Elder, Bird Migration by Ian Newton, A Sky Full of Starlings by Stephen Moss, This Birding Life by Stephen Moss

And for more on our much-awaited British book shipments, link back to these earlier posts!

The Dipper and the Best Book Series We Know

The Poetry of Birds

Wouldn’t be grand to open an Irish branch of the Rocky Mountain Land Library?


3 thoughts on “A Brilliant Box of British Bird Books

  1. Just the covers are gorgeous! Maybe you can do an exhibit of book-cover art someday, in conjunction with a museum. (The Kirkland comes to mind, since it’s about decorative arts, but I don’t know if they have space.)

    • That’s a great thought Susan — and you’re right, this batch of cover art is especially impressive. One of these days we hope to feature the classic old British New Naturalist series (Bird Migration, above, is volume #113 in that series). They recently put out an entire book on “The Art of the New Naturalists.” Really good!

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