Resurgence: At the Heart of Earth, Art and Spirit

african covergandhi covertree

Six times a year, the Land Library let’s out a woop! as the latest issue of Resurgence arrives. It’s always difficult to know how to spend a limited acquisition budget, but this magazine makes the decision an easy one.

Produced from a cottage in Devon England, Resurgence faithfully documents the age-old relationship between people and the land. With an wonderful blend of art, poetry, and inspiring articles, this journal both values the past, and is creatively engaged in our trouble-strewn present.

Its current issue (July/August 2010) features a special focus on ecological health, and the link between a healthy planet and healthy people — along with an article by E.O. Wilson, a poem by Wendell Berry, and a typically astute essay (by Caspar Walsh) on Tolkien for our times: “If ever there was an extended fable for the causes, effects and solutions to our modern-day woes, the timeless wisdom of Tolkien’s epic is it.

Given that this is a British magazine, you won’t be able to find Resurgence on every newstand, but several bookstores carry it, including Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store. And for those who would like to catch up on past issues, the editors of Resurgence have produced several book anthologies including:

earth songsanthology
Earth Songs: A Resurgence Anthology of Contemporary Eco-Poetry edited by Peter Abbs, Images of Earth & Spirit: A Resurgence Art Anthology edited by John Lane & Satish Kumar, and (not pictured) The Beauty of Craft: A Resurgence Anthology edited by Sandy Brown & Maya Kumar Mitchell

Our admiration for Resurgence also led the Land Library to the following kindred volumes from Satish Kumar, the longtime editor of the magazine:

earth pilgrimtherefore i ambuddhano destination
Earth Pilgrim: Conversations with Satish Kumar, You Are Therefore I am: A Declaration of Dependence (which is one of the best subtitles we know!), The Buddha and the Terrorist, and No Destination: an Autobiography.

Resurgence’s website begins with this greeting: “Welcome to Resurgence — a magazine for people who care about the environment, love reading, enjoy new ideas and are looking for inspiration on sustainable living.” No wonder the Land Library loves this magazine!

And for a quick glimpse at other essential journals the Land Library is committed to, link back to these earlier posts!

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