Well Off Anyone’s Beaten Track

david owen book

In my mind’s eye, I wanted to live, off and on, in an area that was well off anyone’s beaten track, an area so in and of itself that it still had a lively and palpable sense of its own history, culture, and identity, where the source of that history and culture and the people who lived and worked there remained very organic to the place….This book, then, is the story of my years in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Hopefully, through the following words and pictures, you, too, will come to understand why the Sandhills is like no other place.” — David A. Owen

In Like No Other Place, author and photographer David Owen captures the rhythms and rich layers of a region few of us will ever see — Nebraska’s Sandhills, home to a Native American heritage spanning many generations, a still surviving ranching culture, and a remarkable biodiversity set in one of the largest grass-stabilized dune systems in the world.

This book is a wonderful, and amazingly thoughtful study of both people and the land. Please join us for the next Rocky Mountain Land Series event, as David Owen presents a slide show based on his new book. For more program information, please visit the Tattered Cover Book Store’s website!

And here’s a few more Sandhills books from the Land Library’s shelves!
road homelast prairieniobrara
The Road Home by Jim Harrison (a novel set in the Sandhills, as was Harrison’s earlier novel Dalva), The Last Prairie: A Sandhills Journal by Stephen R. Jones, The Niobrara: A River Running Through Time by Paul A. Johnsgard. The Land Library can also strongly recommend Johnsgard’s This Fragile Land: A Natural History of the Nebraska Sandhills (not pictured).


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