Scrape, Paint, Read

Last summer, Buffalo Peaks Ranch came roaring back to life. Over the course of three community workdays, more than 50 volunteers fixed fence, cleared brush, and scraped, primed, and painted the main ranch house (pictured below). It was certainly hard work, but given the beautiful South Park landscape, and buoyed by the feeling of common purpose, everyone came away from Buffalo Peaks Ranch newly energized.

Our thanks goes to all the hardy volunteers, and to our workday partners: the City of Aurora, Park County, Skidmore College, and the South Park Archaeological Project.

We are loving these early days of the Land Library’s development — full of satisfying work and plenty of opportunites to bring people together. The only downside of this past summer has been a flood of necessary tasks that made ranch work an impossibility. But the good news is that this summer’s necessary groundwork sets the stage for a vigorous return to Buffalo Peaks Ranch next season.

Among other priorities, there’s two wonderful old bunkhouses in a sad state of repair. Think scraping, think painting, think good food and even better company. All under the glorious South Park skies!

Here’s some fun highlights from last summer’s workdays:

Even Tom Sawyer would get excited by this sight, grab a brush and start painting!

But first we needed to meticulously scrape the mainhouse — a structure that hasn’t seen a drop of paint for over 25 years.

Needless to say, Safety Is First. Here is the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Land Library making sure her nephew doesn’t tilt the wrong way.

Our third workday may have been the most dramatic of all. We had both brilliant sun and pitch-black clouds. More than a few times our painting crew could be seen gazing far up valley as the next weather system moved in. (Be sure to CLICK & ENLARGE the thumbnails above for a fun slide show of South Park’s changeable skies!).

Thankfully, the sun finally prevailed, as we all put finishing touches on the great work that had been accomplished all summer long:

We were lucky enough to have many dogs at all our workdays. They seemed to love the old ranch smells, and always ended their day happy but exhausted.

Everyone pitched in with all they had. It was a wonder to see, and something we’ll always remember and treasure.

And so the old ranch house receives its last finishing touch (before the roof job to come!).

But not before Beth Wood (workday veteran) makes friends with Buffalo Peaks Ranch resident guard-llama. And pointing to the future, you’ll see in the distance one of those old bunkhouses that so badly needs rescue next summer. We can’t wait, and we hope you can join us!


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