Quickly Becoming a Fan of Fens

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Recently we posted a piece on a fun field trip to South Park — High Creek Fen: Both A Glacial Remnant & Biologic Hot Spot. On our return to Denver, we were anxious to learn more about South Park’s high mountain wetlands.

We’re still looking and learning, and hopefully we’ll be able to expand our wetland shelves soon. Meanwhile, we just stumbled across this fun poem from our Kids Nature Library in Waterton Canyon:


I’m a fan of fens
of bogs, marshes and bayous —
those in-between places of the earth
not quite water, not quite land
those untrustworthy places
that make you watch where you stand
those horror movie places
damp and thick with fog
full of jaws and flashing claws
scales and thrashing tails
You can’t be bored in a bayou
a fen, a marsh, a bog —
those misunderstood places
where logs can have teeth
reeds can have wings
where the air so still, so quiet
always growls, buzzes, sings

Marilyn Singer

footprints on the roofsidman
Footprints on the Roof: Poems about the Earth by Marilyn Singer & illustrated by Meilo So, and another fun book of wetland poetry: Song of the Water Boatman and other Pond Poems by Joyce Sidman, with illustrations by Beckie Prange.
Both books can be found at our Waterton Canyon Kids Nature Library.

Thanks to Joe Rocchio for the High Creek Fen photo above — from his wonderful aapa mire site!


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