Ancient Paths & Modern Lives

path of the pronghorncat

From a sheep ranch in western Wyoming, Cat Urbigkit has quietly produced some of the Land Library’s favorite picture books at our Waterton Canyon Kids Nature Library. We’ve just received her latest: Path of the Pronghorn, a wonderful collaboration with photographer Mark Gocke. This book celebrates the fastest land mammal in North America (pronghorn have been clocked at up to sixty miles per hour). Among the world’s land mammals, only cheetahs are faster.

Path of the Pronghorn follows a Wyoming herd as they travel the same ancient migration route pronghorn have taken since the last Ice Age — from the sagebrush steppe in spring, to the high mountain grasslands of summer.

For more books on pronghorn be sure to visit our earlier post, With Sagebrush in Their Blood.

And here’s a few more Cat Urbigkit books from our Waterton Canyon Kids Nature Library — all wonderful glimpses of the working landscapes of the American West:

brave dogscattle kidsshepherd's trail
Three by Cat Urbigkit: Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs: How They Guard Sheep, Cattle Kids: A Year on the Western Range, The Shepherd’s Trail.

Any day now, we should be unpacking Cat’s first book for adults, Yellowstone Wolves: A Chronicle of the Animal, the People, and the Politics, as it joins the Land Library’s always growing shelves devoted to wolves & carnivores across the West and the world:

yellowstone wolves


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