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Is this too wacky, too dreamy — as hyper-visionary as the hovercraft dreams of the fifties? Probably, but then again, maybe not??

Columbia University professor Dickson Despommier looks to the future in his new book The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century. His vision of high-rise farms has scientists, architects, and urban planners intrigued.

Vertical farms can be built anywhere — in abandoned buildings, deserted lots — or even in regions that contain little or no arable land. Cities can begin to satisfy more of their own food needs. Despommier writes: “We continue to urbanize without building cities that are equipped to handle their populations. Most evolutionary biologists agree that continued failure to live within our means will relegate the human species to the fossil record.

Here’s a few visionary designs from The Vertical Farm:

The Dragonfly Tower — an urban harbor aquaculture farm, designed by Vincent Callebaut.

thin skyscraper

It’s time to accept our connectedness to the rest of the natural world. There is only so much natural capital out there, and we are on the verge of exhausting it. Building self-sustaining cities now will allow the land to heal itself, thereby restoring balance between our lives and the rest of nature. — Dickson Despommier


For much more information, you can visit The Vertical Farm website!

vegetable tower

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