Small Blueprints for a Brighter Future

compact cabinssalomon

This is the fourth post in a series inspired by the University of Colorado School of Architecture’s ongoing design work for Buffalo Peaks Ranch — the future home of the Rocky Mountain Land Library.

The Rocky Mountain Land Library will definitely be a unique place — a residential library, where people can come and stay, use the books, work and explore at their own pace, and gain inspiration and solace from South Park’s high mountain landscape. The accommodations will be simple, comfortable, and as green as possible.

As we work with the University of Colorado’s graduate School of Architecture, here are some of the books we like to keep close by. Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1,000 Square Feet or Less by Gerald Rowan is packed with innovative designs, including over sixty floorplans. We especially like the micro clerestory cabin with a footprint of 256 square feet!

Shay Salomon’s Little House on a Small Planet (also pictured above) has become another favorite, especially for its series of interviews with people who seem to thrive with less stuff in smaller places.

Here’s a few more excellent titles from the Land Library’s shelves on sustainable building!

mini housesimple shelterscircle houses
Mini House by Alejandro Bahamon, Simple Shelters: Yurts, Domes, and Other Ancient Homes by Jonathan Horning, Circle Houses: Yurts, Tipis and Benders by David Pearson

yurt landscapeyurts kemery
The Steppes of Mongolia, home of the yurt (ger), Yurts: Living in the Round by Becky Kemery

lithograph yurt interior
lithograph of Russian yurt interior


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