See the World as a Bird would See it

urban birdergherkin
“David Lindo is the ultimate Urban Birder. This is a life affirming tale with a simple message; wherever you live, regardless of circumstances, a lifetime’s fulfillment through enjoyment of the natural world is right on your doorstep.” — Wildlife Matters

Here’s one of our favorite books of the season! Few people know the bird life of London as well as David Lindo. His new book, The Urban Birder, tells his personal journey of discovery, how birds first captured his imagination, and how he pursued his childhood passion through London’s neighborhoods and parks. His book is an inspiration for urban naturalists everywhere, and offers lots of practical advice on finding birds in the city:

When birding in a city try to see the world as how a bird would see it. Ignore people, see buildings as craggy lumps of rock and imagine that the bush you are looking at is filled with food and on a remote headland. That is Urban Birding.

David Lindo has been called a one-man ornithological phenomenon. He regularly appears on BBC, and writes a column for BBC Wildlife and Bird Watching.

Here’s David in his “local patch”, London’s Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens:

“I didn’t meet another birder until I was around 9, by which time I had developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the birds of Britain, Europe & North Africa. I was taking my fellow primary schoolmates out on guided birding walks in the school woods!
I’ve crossed a lot of rivers and seen a lot of land since those infant days and I have now decided to dedicate my life to extolling the virtues of urban birding to all and sundry. I never cease to be amazed by the variety of birdlife to found in our urban centres and it’s my mission to tell you about it. When not traversing the world studying urban wildlife I can be found looking for birds in west London at my beloved local patch, Wormwood Scrubs.” — David Lindo

with owl

For more on David Lindo and urban birding be sure to check out his website!


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