David Lindo & the Power of Books

david lindodurrell

Recently, we highlighted naturalist David Lindo, author of The Urban Birder, in our post See the World as a Bird Would See it. Here’s one of our favorite passages in David’s new book. You never know what will inspire a young mind!

“When I was a youngster, the first naturalist I came into contact with was Gerald Durrell. I have already mentioned that Gerald inspired me to write notes, and gave me a romantic dream of being an explorer, traveling across the world in search of weird and wonderful animals. It’s a romanticism that many of us carry in our hearts but very few of us ever actually realize. I guess what I learned from reading his books was that having an interest in nature need not mean that it has to be boring and technical. It was all about fun and adventure. It felt as though anyone could get out there and do what he did. Reading My Family and Other Animals I identified with his account of being a child in Corfu, as he was of a similar age to me and had a great inquisitiveness for wildlife. The fact that I could not relate to his middle-class background, his lifestyle on Corfu and the whole slew of pets he had did not matter; it was his love of wildlife that shone through for me. Reading his books stoked the fires of my interest and kept me going…. — David Lindo, from The Urban Birder

We’re always looking out for accounts of early impressionable contact with the printed word. Here’s some of our favorites from past posts!

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