Bright Season of Hope & Hard Work


It’s getting to be that time of year when birds are of one mind, building nests to safely ensure the next generation. We’ve been visiting our animal architecture section quite a bit lately, and really admire a wonderful book from Australia, Janine Burke’s Nest: The Art of Birds — full of natural history, folklore, and art. Here’s one of the pictorial spreads in this elegant little book:


If you are looking for an excellent reference guide, you can’t beat Paul Baicich’s Nests, Eggs, and Nestlings of North American Birds, part of the Princeton Field Guide series (also pictured above).

And here’s one of our all time favorite books — a young artist’s quest to illustrate the nests and eggs that Audubon left out of his massive Birds of America. A few years back we posted a piece in praise of America’s Other Audubon, A Young Artist’s Vision, and the Family that Saw it Through:

The story of the gifted-but-doomed amateur, the passion of the undertaking shake us. The beauty of the plates and their accessibility, until now denied all except a few who owned the rare original book, make this a rich gift to all who find interest in the natural world.Annie Proulx

In the next few weeks, in the peak of nesting season, a massive new book is due to arrive. From what we have seen, it looks terrific!



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