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Here’s the latest addition to the Land Library’s bee & beekeeping collection: Megan Paska’s The Rooftop Beekeeper: A Scrappy Guide to Keeping Urban Honeybees, a perfect introduction to this ancient art, full of great photos and wonderful drawings. Megan Paska has learned her craft in Brooklyn, New York, and she shares lessons learned. Lesson such as this:

…in this book I focus on ‘minimally invasive’ hive management practices. I believe that bees know more about how to be bees than we do. To my mind, facilitating their long-term survival takes precedence over increasing their usefulness as pollinators or producers of a high-value commodity like honey.


…cities can actually be some of the best places to keep a few hives. Unlike keepers living in rural towns, we city dwellers don’t have to worry about pesticides from conventional farms spraying their fields. Rooftop hives also get ample sun and dry out faster after heavy rains; the ability to more easily regulate temperature and humidity means bees with fewer diseases. But more important, at least from my point of view, urban apiaries give city dwellers an opportunity to commune with the natural world in a small but very profound way.” — Megan Paska, from The Rooftop Beekeeper.

No wonder we can’t resist books on bees and beekeeping!

Here’s a couple more from the Land Library’s shelves:

Buzz: Urban Beekeeping and the Power of the Bee by Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut, The Urban Beekeeper: A Year of Bees in the City by Steve Benbow, the practical diary of a beekeeper and his 30 beeyard sites, spread across London, England.

And, from an earlier post, here’s the most beautiful bee book we’ve seen:

Eric Tourneret’s Le Peuple des Abeilles (with a great film clip too).

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