Poetry Arrives at Buffalo Peaks Ranch


The Rocky Mountain Land Library is excited to host our first Buffalo Peaks Ranch Writer’s Workshop on August 1st. Poet Jodie Hollander (author of The Humane Society) will lead off with a workshop on Poetry, Memory and Childhood. Prepare yourself for a lively discussion, as you learn more about how to structure and develop poems, along with discovering writing prompts to get you going. Jodie will draw on her own work, along with the work of poets such as:

elizabeth bishopseamus heaneyaudre lorde
Elizabeth Bishop, Seamus Heaney, and Audre Lorde (along with Robert Hayden and Theodore Roethke).

Join us on the banks of the South Platte River for a special day of exploring poetry in the high mountain grasslands of South Park! For much more on Jodie Hollander’s workshop, and how to register, please click here!

South Park's Buffalo Peaks Ranch, future home of the Rocky Mountain Land Library's collection of poetry books from across the globe.

Mark your calendar, August 1st: Poetry arrives at Buffalo Peaks Ranch!

At the end of Jodie’s workshop we’ll have lots of time to tour the ranch, for those who want to see more. And we’ll have plenty of books on hand, including a sampling of the Land Library’s collection of poetry from across the globe!


4 thoughts on “Poetry Arrives at Buffalo Peaks Ranch

  1. Are you interested in more books? I just retired after a 30 year Career in Parks and Wildlife and natural resource management. I need to do something w/ my work library. Maybe some of the titles I have would be of interest to you. Let me know. Email or cell phone 719-649-7385

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