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Grab your pack, and dust off your boots! On Saturday, August 8th, Colorado’s former State Geologist Vince Matthews will lead the Land Library’s very first geology field trip. We’ll all meet at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, and then it’s off to explore the western front of South Park. Along the way, we’ll look for tracks of ancient glaciers, find ample evidence of volcanic activity, and discover why the Mosquito Range is one of the richest sections of the famed Colorado Mineral Belt.

Vince Matthews is also the author of the award-winning book Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology, and frequently posts on high mountain geology on his Leadville Geology facebook page.


Image from: Panoramic Aerial Maps of the American West — a bird’s-eye view from the north, centered on South Park’s vast high mountain basin, surrounded by ranges on almost all sides. Buffalo Peaks Ranch is located virtually in the center of South Park. (A further navigational aid: Pikes Peak is the snow-covered outlier in the center of the top left quadrant of the above image).

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Join us on August 8th, and learn something new about the always surprising landscape of South Park! For much more on Vince Matthew’s field trip, Reading South Park’s Landscape, and how to register, please click here.


For a larger image of this handy South Park cross-section, be sure to click on the image above.

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