smallerpope francis

“Historians looking back often recognize turning points, but ordinary people living through them rarely do. Sometimes, however, a book catalyzes thought into action. Uncle Tom’s Cabin did this, and so did Silent Spring: they called attention to facts that had long been known but upon which people had failed to act. Like those works, Pope Francis’s Encyclical is a call to action that insists we embrace the moral dimensions of problems that have heretofore been viewed primarily as scientific, technological, and economic.” Naomi Oreskes

Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Climate Change & Inequality has been called “the most astonishing and perhaps the most ambitious papal document of the past 100 years” (The Guardian). It is also addressed to every person living on the planet, urging us all to take up the challenge of caring for our common home.

Copies are arriving at bookstores in the next few days. Let the conversations begin!

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