Deep Insight into a Complex World

Water will always be a central issue reflected in the Land Library’s growing collection of books. Here’s just a few new acquisitions!


Alok Jha’s The Water Book: The Extraordinary Story of Our Most Ordinary Substance — from one of Britain’s leading science journalists, this is a fascinating story of one of the world’s strangest molecules. Also pictured above, Sustainable Water: Challenges and Solutions from California, edited by Allison Lassiter, and written by leading policy makers, economists, ecologists, engineers and planners, all offering lessons on increasing resilience in a water-limited world.



Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home by Michelle Mulder, part of one of our favorite kid’s environmental science series, Orca Footprints. This book is packed with information and inspiration from across the globe. Nancy Bo Flood’s Water Runs Through This Book combines science and poetry in a convincing call to action, that is also high on hope!


stephen grace

For more on water’s central role in the unfolding history of Colorado, there’s no better book that Stephen Grace’s The Great Divide (the companion book to a wonderful film). From archaeological evidence of ancient Native American reservoirs, to current day water shortages, this book offers deep insight into the complex world of water in the West.

For more good water-related books, and to learn about the Land Library’s plans for a special riverside Watershed Library at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, you might enjoy one of our earlier posts:

Water in the West & Beyond


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