A Kickstarter Campaign that will Bring Books and People to a High Mountain Ranch


It was just two summers ago when Buffalo Peaks Ranch’s bunkhouse (to the left) and the Cooks House (to the right) were in dire need of repair. Both had been untouched for more than 30 years.

Cook House

Our first summer of volunteer work focused on two very leaky roofs.

great team

Here are HistoriCorps volunteers laying down the last few shingles on the Cooks House.


By summer’s end both buildings had new roofs, just in time for another fierce South Park winter.


Last year we were back to rehabilitate all the windows, and give many fresh coats of paint to some very thirsty boards.

We’re very excited to report that we’ll be launching a Kickstarter Campaign on February 21st to complete the Cooks House. We’ll be working on the interior:


As you can see the interior is in good shape, but we need to bring water back to the Cooks House, along with installing the greenest energy system possible.

In the end, we will have two new lodgings for guests, a warm & wonderful kitchen, a large classroom space, and here’s something exciting, the ranch’s first library!


Someday soon this space will house a dedicated collection of Land Library books (perhaps the Native American Library). But for now, later this summer we’ll be shelving an assortment of great books that suggests the RMLL’s broad range of titles focused on people and the land. Books such as these:


photo by Michael Ciaglo

Stay tuned for much more on our Cooks House Kickstarter campaign, launching on February 21st!

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