New Goal in sight: over 1,000 Backers!


The Rocky Mountain Land Library is thrilled to have reached our $125,000 Kickstarter goal. Thanks to all our remarkable backers (over 850 strong) we will be able to completely renovate the Cooks House. With that we’ll have two lodgings, a warm & wonderful kitchen, a large meeting space, and the ranch’s first library.

But with two full days to go in our campaign, we aren’t finished yet. We’ll keep reaching out to new & current backers to help us do even more at the ranch this summer.

Our new goal at the end of this exciting campaign is to bring even more people to the Land Library project.

We would love to gain over 1,000 backers by the end of this Friday! 

There are several manageable work projects that we are itching to accomplish this summer, including fixing up this cozy, donated caravan:


Along with a roomy bed, there’s even space for a writing desk!

Food, and the communal act of cooking,  will always be an important part of Buffalo Peaks Ranch. With additional Kickstarter funds we’ll be able to dust off this wonderful old Forest Service Manual, and build our very own Hillside Oven:


“Cooking is all about connection, I’ve learned, between us and other species, other times, other cultures (human and microbial both), but, most important, other people. Cooking is one of the more beautiful forms that human generosity takes…. Michael Pollan, from Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation.

Then, for the comfort of all (and always trying to live lighter on the land) we would love to build two compostable toilet/outhouses for ranch visitors:


It’s always about much more than the work: Each additional project funded in our Kickstarter campaign’s final hours will be achieved by expert advice and volunteer labor. They will also be occasions that bring people together at the ranch, giving us the chance to work on something greater than ourselves — building something for the common good we all care so much about.

We have until Friday, 11:59 pm. Please pledge your support and share our Kickstarter link with friends!


Help bring books, people & programs to Colorado’s Buffalo Peaks Ranch. With your support we will transform a historic high mountain ranch into a residential library devoted to land, community, and the many positive ways we can all move forward together.

But first, CLICK HERE and you’ll find out much more. Learn how you can be an important part of this land-inspired, book-loving grassroots project!



One of our volunteer-built Leopold Benches, with Mount Silverheels at sunrise.

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