The Land Library often refers to books as powerful tools to understand the places where we live. Books also seem to be a wonderful repository of empathy for others. Just being surrounded by books, we’re more likely to think beyond ourselves, feel what others might feel, imagine how other species live their lives. Perhaps even imagine the impact we have on our brilliant blue planet.

Here’s one of our favorite passages from Neil Gaiman, as he writes about the importance of books, libraries, and empathy:

For me, closing libraries is the equivalent of eating your seed corn to save a little money. They recently did a survey that showed that among poor white boys in England, 45% have reading difficulties and cannot read for pleasure. Which is a monstrous statistic, especially when you start thinking about it as a statistic that measures not just literacy but also as a measure of imagination and empathy, because a book is a little empathy machine. It puts you inside somebody else’s head. You see out of the world through somebody else’s eyes.

We love the spark of other lives that books such as these provide:


Empathy, joy and understanding gained from wildlife across the globe, and from around our neighborhoods!


With curiosity as our compass, we have a world to explore, sometimes just a few inches from our eyes.


Many an artist has found beauty in the simplest shapes on the landscape.


A sense of wonder, that sparks both empathy and poetry. Laying the seeds for love and concern for the planet on which we live.

We hope you have a wonderful Earth Day this Saturday, with time outdoors, perhaps a book at night. What will the year ahead be for our planet, and what can we do to help steer a good course ahead?

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