Ecology in Art with Brian Napier


We are excited to announce the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s second Summer Workshop at Buffalo Peaks Ranch:


This is a conceptually focused course discussing the role that artists can play in the rapidly evolving conversation with our environment. The course will dive into issues ecology, sustainability, and environmental activism through the lens of leading contemporary artists today. Students will have a chance to openly discuss strategies that can be used in the creation of ecological conscious art, as well was brainstorm their own ideas in how to make artwork dealing with the local environment of Colorado. This course will be split evenly between lecture, discussion, and hands on project drafting.

Saturday, June 10th, 10am to 4pm,  $50 class fee.



Rhythm II by Brian Napier

Brian Napier is a Denver artist whose work has been featured in several galleries, and in Westword, and Garo. Brian artist statement reads: “My work exists in the indifferent nature of nature. Examining the existential play of human beings and the debris left in our wake.”

A native of the Oklahoma plains, Brian moved to California where he quickly fell in love with his natural surroundings and with the Earth’s ability to relieve stress and create new perspective. — Kristopher Wright, Odessa

We’ll have plenty of thought-provoking books on hand for Brian’s workshop too!




“I don’t like to frame the work in a negative manner. It would be very easy for me to take this tragic material and display it in a tragic way. So, I try as hard as I can to play a neutral role in making the work, because I too am involved in this whole processes of consumption, destruction, and renewal.” — Brian Napier, from Odessa


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