Over Memorial Day weekend, Land Library volunteers met at Buffalo Peaks Ranch to gather some (260 to be exact) of our favorite books from the Ranch’s stored collection.


Book plates were placed & pasted into the chosen books and photographed one by one. We will be finishing up the digital photo sorting and file labeling this week so we can send the photos to our Kickstarter Sponsored Book backers as soon as possible. Other backers can expect to see their sponsored books soon after.


Each book was placed on an old Singer Sewing table and photographed.


Another priceless volume from The New Naturalist series!


A wonderful volume to add to our always growing collection of ranch histories.


The bookplates will always remind us of the amazing support we’ve received!


A perfect title for the Cooks House Library, wouldn’t you say?


We pause a moment every time we see this favorite tome by John Muir.


A Western classic finds a home at Buffalo Peaks Ranch!


So many great books on the diverse cultures of the American Southwest.



Cowboy up!


We can never pass up a book by, or about, the great conservationist Aldo Leopold.


A terrific new volume on raptors, or if you like, you can sit on the Main House’s front porch and watch the hawks & falcons soar.


Raptor, a great title donated by the Gruening Middle School Library in Eagle River, Alaska.


Ruxton — an early explorer who explored South Park, maybe even parts of the ranch?


We had a wonderful day, unpacking books and getting them ready for the Cooks House Library’s shelves. THANKS to so many Kickstarter backers who made all of this possible!




3 thoughts on “A Book-filled Work Day at the Ranch

  1. The Frank Waters Foundation would like to donate a collection of books by Frank Waters.

    Please advise me about doing this.

  2. Coats and gloves? Man, am I in the wrong place; I’m tired of this heat already. Can’t wait to see you again this fall! Hope you all have a great summer up there.

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