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Foraging Across the Land: a two-day Workshop with Rik Sargent

Join us and be a part of an immersive, on-site creation at Buffalo Peaks Ranch. Accompanied by artist and sculptor Rik Sargent, we will collaborate on a yet-to-be-determined story inspired by the ranch, the surrounding land, and the South Platte River, whose flow has always defined the story of this historic high mountain ranch.

The emerging  narrative will then be assembled into a landscape piece, using the ranch’s materials to help tell a story of land and people, South Park and beyond.

Spend a weekend (July 29-30) at the Ranch camping, foraging, and collaborating on a project that will become part of Buffalo Peaks Ranch’s always changing, always evolving story!

Saturday, July 29th thru Sunday July 30th, $100 class fee


At the beginning of the workshop weekend we’ll start with the “local” material:


Like any working ranch, Buffalo Peaks Ranch has accumulated what some might think of as refuse, but what others see as artifacts of shape, texture, color, and design.


Not to mention, artifacts of work, daily lives and struggle.


And then, there’s always wire, lots of wire!


Barbed and baling wire aplenty.


With all the local elements in place, and the landscape as our guide, who knows what will be created at Buffalo Peaks Ranch on July 29-30th??


Rik Sargent has created incredible pieces of public art equally emphasizing the sculpture itself and the environment it rests in. His voice has lent wonderful insight around the Land Library’s table, and now up at Buffalo Peaks Ranch.


For more on Rik Sargent, and his work, be sure to visit his website!

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