“The ranches where Michael Crouser so affectionately captures these scenes tell a story of staying power, of joy in the beauty of the world, of gratitude for the working animals—the dogs and the horses—of midwifery and husbandry, of seeing the seasons through. . . . It is a pleasure to be brought into this out-of-the-way part of the world with such understated passion.”
—Gretel Ehrlich, from the foreword

We have a special room set aside in the Main House at Buffalo Peaks Ranch. Named after the founder of the ranch, the Marie Guiraud Ranching Library will house books on the history of ranching, along with volumes on ranching practices worldwide. We’re excited to add Michael Crouser’s new book, Mountain Ranch to our always growing collection!


The mountain ranches of western Colorado preserve a way of life that has nearly vanished from the American scene. Families who have lived on the same land for five or six generations raise cattle much as their ancestors did, following an annual cycle of breeding, birthing, branding, grazing, and selling livestock. Michael Crouser spent more than a decade (2006–2016) photographing family cattle ranches in Colorado, intrigued “not by the ways their lives are changing but by the way they have stayed the same.” He was, he says, “most interested in the traditional elements of these traditional lives, . . . what they call ‘cowboying.’”


Mountain Ranch’s duotone images capture the raw and basic elements of a hard and basic life.

For more on Michael Crouser’s work, be sure to visit his website. We hope you enjoy this book trailer on Mountain Ranch as much as we do!

Michael Crouser will be discussing and signing copies of his new book at Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store (Colfax Avenue Store) on Monday, August 21st, 7pm.

Click here for more information!

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