Hi Everyone,

 Sorry for the short notice, but we just received a confirmation from the City of Aurora (the owner of Buffalo Peaks Ranch) that we can add as much ranch debris & old tires as we like to the nearby ranch dump, this coming Saturday, Sept 16th — that’s our last opportunity before the dump is removed.
 We’ve been clearing & cleaning all summer long — now we can do a bit more, and move decades of accumulated debris off the ranch (except what we can glean for future use!).
SO what we need are about 10-12 volunteers. We’ll provide a hardy ranch lunch!
Please let me know if you can make it….
Coincidentally, 9News called and wanted to film a volunteer work day at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, so they’ll be there too!
We can really make the ranch shine — hope you can make it — and any of your friends too. In fact, feel free to share this with anyone you think might enjoy the day in South Park (the leaves started turning this past weekend, and Kenosha Pass should be approaching it’s peak very soon).
Hope you can make it!
all the best,
Jeff & Ann
Rocky Mountain Land Library
Please RSVP to Jeff Lee at jeff@landlibrary.org. We’ll be sending out directions and a start time by Wednesday afternoon!
Let’s make this old ranch shine! photo by Carl Young

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