Spreading Books across the Ranch


How do you turn an abandoned historic ranch into a residential library?

Sometime during our long (& still ongoing) planning process we decided that Buffalo Peaks Ranch would house not one, but several libraries spread across the ranch — in various buildings and barns.

The list is not complete, but Buffalo Peaks Ranch will have special libraries dedicated to Natural History, Western & Native American history, poetry & literature, environmental studies, astronomy, mining, railroads, and Public Lands across the world (from National Parks to community gardens).

Plus one very special library that we are really excited about!


In the ranch’s Main House, right through the green screen door to the right, we’ll be setting up the Marie Guiraud Ranching Library — celebrating ranching history & traditions, from the early days to the present, with books on ranching in the American West, and across the globe.

This constantly-growing library is named after Marie Guiraud, who along with her husband Adolph, first established this homestead ranch, back in 1862 along the Middle Fork of Colorado’s South Platte River.

Marie Guiraud

Marie’s life was a remarkable one that we’ll return to again and again. Her story will help us tell the larger story of women in the West.

photo of Marie Guiraud courtesy of Jacquelyn Guiraud Miller & Fred Guiraud


The library has many books on artists & photographers who captured this traditional way of working on the land.



The growing collection includes old ranch histories, ranch memoirs, cowboy songs & poetry.

Thomas_A_D_1 (1)

plus tales of new ranching traditions.


And yes, this is a Ranch Library dedicated to ranching across the world!

We have the books, the shelves, ongoing programs, and a long-term lease on a historic ranch in the high mountain grasslands of Colorado. With your help we can accomplish so much more in 2018!

The Rocky Mountain Land Library’s December Drive is underway. We are seeking your support once again, this time to help raise $20,000 to support the Land Library’s most ambitious summer of renovation yet.


With $20,000 we will unleash the Land Library’s amazing volunteer team, giving them the tools, supplies (bricks & mortar, lumber & nails), and support they need to take on a myriad of projects, including building platform tents, and a innovative new book pavilion that will look a something like this:


Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more exciting plans!

Feel free to click on our PayPal donation button at the top right of this post, or it you prefer to write a check, our best address is: Rocky Mountain Land Library, 2550 W. 39th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211.

THANKS so much!

One thought on “Spreading Books across the Ranch

  1. Reblogged this on Riding with Carl and commented:
    Thanks once again to everyone who contributed earlier this year to the Land Library’s Kickstarter campaign for renovation of the Cook’s House. There are many other parts of the ranch in need of attention, and the RMLL is currently running their December Drive to provide the tools, materials and support that will allow the volunteer team to complete next summer’s projects. Please read the post below and consider making a contribution. Thank you!

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