Essential Stories of Land & People


As we reported last week (Victory at Trout Creek), Carl Young climbed Reinecker Ridge this past fall and gave us a whole new vista on Buffalo Peaks Ranch. As you look west, that’s the ranch in the middle of Carl’s shot (the tiny cluster of white buildings), with Buffalo Peaks & the Mosquito Range (left to right) on the horizon.

In many ways South Park hasn’t changed much since the days when Ute and Arapaho hunting parties roamed across the high mountain grasslands.  The Land Library has been collecting Native American books for over 20 years now, but South Park’s landscape has inspired us to gather even more.

What a perfect place for one of the ranch’s special libraries — one dedicated to the history and culture of Native Americans, from Mexico to the Arctic Circle.


We’ve been especially diligent about gathering all that we can about the tribes that spent time in South Park: the Ute, Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Kiowa.


But mostly, the Land Library’s collection has a continent-wide focus:


with tribal histories, and more than a hundred volumes of myths and folktales:


There are so many great lessons to learn. From the Inuit,


to the many tribes of the American Southwest:


And with our love of rock art across the globe, there will be at least a bookcase full of books on North American petroglyphs and pictographs:


Along with essays, poetry and fiction from generations of Native American writers:



Help us grow this collection — it’s impossible to tell the story of the land without them!


Buffalo Peaks Ranch, along the Middle Fork of the South Platte River



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