Water & Rivers at Buffalo Peaks Ranch

The Lambing Barn at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, along the Middle Fork of the South Platte River. (photo by Berry Oliver)

With Buffalo Peaks Ranch lying along the headwaters of the South Platte River, water will always be a central theme of the Land Library’s resources and programs. Our planned River Hut (partly inspired by the cozy simple structure of traditional fishing huts) will house a Watershed Library, full of books focused on one of the next century’s most critical natural resources.

Given the global importance of this increasingly limited resource, the Land Library is always glad to add another important volume to its water collection. Books such as:


Enduring Acequias: Wisdom of the Land, Knowledge of the Water by Juan Esevan Arellano. The word acequia has its roots in the arid Middle East. This insightful work pays homage to like cultures across the globe, especially New Mexico’s time-honored irrigation system that balances the needs of community with the limits of water in the West.


Tristan Gooley’s wonderful naturalist’s guide to water.


April Summitt’s Contested Waters, an Environmental History of the Colorado River.


Trout Culture: How Fly Fishing Forever Changed the Rocky Mountain West by Jen Corrinne Brown.


Rivers, Fish and the People: Tradition, Science, and Historical Ecology of Fisheries in the American West, a collection of Pacific Northwest studies, edited by Pei-Lin Yu, combining both traditional knowledge and recent scientific discoveries.


Simon Cooper’s Life of a Chalkstream, a lyrical look at one of England’s natural treasures: over 150 streams flowing wide, shallow and clear, thanks to the natural filter of headwater chalk hills.

Will be excited to start on the River Hut as soon as we can. We have the books, the shelves, ongoing programs, and a long-term lease on the ranch!


Buffalo Peaks Ranch along the Middle Fork of the South Platte River

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