A Learning Landscape for Generations to Come


Buffalo Peaks Ranch. photo by Carl Young

“Buffalo Peaks Ranch is a beautiful spot of land, and the perfect home for a library dedicated to the conservation and appreciation of the land.” Los Angeles Times

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about future projects at the ranch, especially the establishment of special libraries focused on topics such as Native American history & culture, ranching, and Public Lands across the globe. The funds we raise this month will continue the steady progress we’ve been making at Buffalo Peaks Ranch over the past three years, gradually transforming a historic Colorado ranch into a residential library/learning center dedicated to land and community.

This short video will show you why we are so excited about the ranch — enjoy!

“The stories of people and the land couldn’t be told in a better place than this high mountain ranch, threaded by trout streams and elk trails, with traces of native tribes and early settlers still visible on the land.” Jeff Lee, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Land Library

We have the books, the shelves, ongoing programs, and a long-term lease on the ranch. With your help we can accomplish so much more in 2018!

buff15 (1 of 1)

Cattle in morning mist, Buffalo Peaks Ranch. photo by Larry Glass


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