What Moves the Land Library Forward?


Whenever we pick up a new Land Library book we always turn to its bibliography, knowing from experience that one good book often leads to another. Next, we check the book’s Acknowledgement page. We love dwelling on the network of friends, family and colleagues that nurtures any good work.
Now it’s Rocky Mountain Land Library’s turn to gratefully acknowledge the community of supporters and volunteers that keep moving the Land Library forward. It’s impossible to name everyone, but each has inspired us to keep to the vision of creating a special place where people can slow down, reflect, get energized, and in general reconnect to nature and the land — our common heritage.
The Rocky Mountain Land Library exists thanks to our all-volunteer staff, our supporters, program partners and our social media friends across the globe. Then there’s the amazing lifelong learners who attend Land Library classes and workshops, and the virtual army of hardy souls who show up for workdays, often in less than ideal weather.
Everyone on our endless acknowledgement page shares these qualities in common: resilience, creativity, hopefulness, and a love for community and the land. Plus this: we learn something from each other every day!

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about future projects at the ranch, especially the establishment of special libraries focused on topics such as Rivers & WaterNative American historyranching, and Public Lands across the globe. We have gathered these books for over 30 years, and we are so excited to make a home for them in the rich learning landscapes of South Park.

The funds we raise this month will continue the steady progress we’ve been making at Buffalo Peaks Ranch over the past three years, gradually transforming a historic Colorado ranch into a residential library/learning center dedicated to land and community.

We have the books, the shelves, ongoing programs, and a long-term lease on the ranch. With your help we can accomplish so much more in 2018!


With $20,000 we will unleash the Land Library’s amazing volunteer team, giving them the tools, supplies (bricks & mortar, lumber & nails), and support they need to take on a myriad of projects, including building platform tents and Leopold Benches, and much more.

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Feel free to click on our PayPal donation button at the top right of our home page, or it you prefer to write a check, our best address is: Rocky Mountain Land Library, 2550 W. 39th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211.

THANKS so much!

This short video will show you why we are so excited about the ranch — enjoy!

“The stories of people and the land couldn’t be told in a better place than this high mountain ranch, threaded by trout streams and elk trails, with traces of native tribes and early settlers still visible on the land.” — Jeff Lee, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Land Library



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