Join us for our Spring Seed Swap!

Spring is here! In preparation for your garden this summer, we are excited to announce the Rocky Mountain Land Library First Annual Seed Swap at Processus. We will have heirloom and organic seeds to share, and plenty of coffee on hand. Plus many books about gardening, seeds and seed saving.

Please bring some of your own seeds (and stories) to swap. And as an extra bonus of having the Seed Swap at Processus, you’ll be able to explore the Altered Nature print show on display.

FREE & Open to the Public

When: Saturday, April 7th, 10 am – Noon

Where: Processus, 955 24th St, Denver, CO 80205

For more information, email


“To swap seeds is to keep a variety strong and valuable – a genetic currency, the exchange of priceless genetic material. How interesting that the agrarian within us understands that to survive, to keep our food crops viable, we have to be openhanded. Seeds have a built-in requirement for generosity.” — Janise Ray

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