Unpacking the Land Library – it’s finally here!


“The unpacking of books, perhaps because it is essentially chaotic, is a creative act….” from The Art of Unpacking a Library by Alberto Manguel

With over 1,400 boxes of Land Library books spread across metro Denver, we have been looking for a site where we could bring all the books together, and start getting them ready for the shelves at South Park’s Buffalo Peaks Ranch, and eventually for our urban branch at Denver’s Puritan Pie Factory. We also have over 125 donated bookcases from the Tattered Cover’s old Cherry Creek store!

We’re excited to announce that we have found a spacious warehouse in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. In April, we’ll assemble the dismantled Tattered Cover shelves, and soon after begin moving in over 1,400 book boxes. Volunteers will begin to unpack the Land Library, sorting by subject, and determining titles destined for the ranch, or for the city. This job will take months to accomplish, but at long last, we’ll begin in April!

We love that the Globeville warehouse will not only be a central storage space, but very much an ongoing volunteer work site. And perhaps something more. Until the Puritan Pie Factory is ready to receive books, we are hoping that Globeville will eventually allow the Land Library to loan out books, and host occasional programs, such as our new Front Range Book Club.

We will need a lot of help to get this job done! In the next few weeks we’ll announce two moving dates, starting with the Tattered Cover bookcases, and followed by over a thousand boxes that have been stored at Acme Distribution Center for the past six years.

More to come in the next week or so, but please sign up for future volunteer alerts. We need to build a roster of Land Library volunteers we can call on for the exciting Globeville opportunity, plus numerous projects coming up this summer at Buffalo Peaks Ranch!

To sign up for future Land Library volunteer alerts, email jeff@landlibrary.org!

The Puritan Maid Pie Factory to house an urban land library.

From the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s pop-up at the Puritan Pie Factory. photo by Helen Richardson, Denver Post

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