Great Books, Wonderful People and a Few Sore Muscles


Thanks to great volunteers, the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s urban center is taking shape! Yesterday’s team (pictured above) arrived eager to unload over 1,000 boxes of Land Library books. Those boxes have been safely stored at Acme Distribution Center for more than five years. They were about to move on to actual book shelves!


While we waited for the truck to arrive, we continued to pop in shelves to the old Tattered Cover Book Store bookcases.


We had a few dozen book boxes already at the Globeville site, so we started to spread them across the empty shelves. This was a volunteer team that just couldn’t relate to an empty shelf!


Before we knew it, our new space started to look more and more like a library.


We were also getting excited about what amazing treasures we’d find once the 1,000+ book-boxes arrived.


We even had time to set up a wall of magazines & journals!


As those early tasks wrapped up, our semi-truck arrived from the Acme Distribution Center’s warehouse.


Alex, the driver, had an incredibly tight fit to deal with. After a few tries be docked the oversize load as if he was on a NASA mission to the moon.


We started rolling book pallets off the truck. Here’s the first 6, with 18 more to go!


Job done, and we even had time to sweep out the truck!


This was a great (& pivotal) day for the Land Library’s new home in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. Our thanks and admiration goes to all our volunteers, Patricia Miller for taking so many great photos, and to our friends at Acme Distribution Centers for helping the Land Library move forward over the past few years. Acme’s help with both transport and storage is about to reap a harvest in Globeville!

Stay tuned for what’s ahead — we’ve only just begun!





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