A Big Day for Buffalo Peaks Ranch


What an amazing day! Yesterday the Rocky Mountain Land Library hosted it’s first volunteer Ranch Work Day of 2018. Denver was socked in with low clouds and showers, but somehow South Park managed to have a glorious blue-sky day.

Over 20 volunteers turned out, and before much time had past we had crews spread across the ranch doing a variety of tasks, including clearing the corral stalls of blown-in debris and preparing two old ranch trucks for their new lives. One truck will allow folks to string up hammocks for a night under the stars. And the old white pickup (seen above) will be the ranch’s new stage for live music!

We also cleared out a promising building that will soon house the ranch’s Childrens Library. While that was happening, another crew was rehabilitating an old caravan that will soon provide people a comfortable book-lined place to stay while visiting the ranch:


And it that wasn’t enough, we had a separate team digging holes, adding ranch manure, and planting seven hardy varieties of apple trees, along with two cherry trees!

Attach0 (1)

One of our (well-guarded) tree-planting teams.

What a remarkable crew! 

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Stay tuned for much more on Buffalo Peaks ranch’s best summer yet!

And if you’ve missed recent volunteer calls, feel free to email jeff@landlibrary.org for updates & shout-outs!

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