The Wild Wet World of Buffalo Peaks Ranch


A view of the Lambing Barn from the South Platte River. That barn will be the site of a River Hut Library, housing books on water & rivers!

This summer, Buffalo Peaks Ranch is as dry as we’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s why we headed to the banks of the South Platte River this past weekend. Here is the wild wet world that flows through this old ranch:


with beaver ponds:


willows in bloom:


Iris fields, and new wildflowers in bloom, with each passing week:


Water, our most limited resource in the arid West, will always be an important topic at the Land Library’s headwaters site.


For more on Buffalo Peaks Ranch’s River Hut Library, take a look at this book-filled earlier post, Water & Rivers at Buffalo Peaks Ranch!

One thought on “The Wild Wet World of Buffalo Peaks Ranch

  1. Awesome photos. We are eager to return! Thanks to everyone who is having such a good time making

    a miracle happen!

    Linda and Gene Ann


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