From a Small Town in Dorset, Some of the Best Books We Know

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There’s a few publishers that the Rocky Mountain Land Library especially loves. So much so, that we try to have copies of each and every book they have brought to life. Little Toller is one such publisher.

Little Toller began in 2008 with a singular purpose: to revive forgotten and classic books about nature and rural life in the British Isles. They have since expanded that mission to include new books from some of today’s greatest writers on the land.


Over the years, Little Toller has introduced us to so many wonderful writers (& artists too!).


We love their focus on people and the land — the natural & cultural heritage of their region.


Little Toller books almost always are accompanied by wonderfully apt introductions by leading writers of today.


Agrarian lives are a strong theme throughout.

IMG_0896 (2)

So many great authors from the past have been kept in print!


Little Toller has also published an impressive list of hardcover monographs, such as Paul Evan’s Herbaceous, and Marcus Sedgwick’s Snow.

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H.E. Bates’ Down the River is already at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, waiting to be shelved at the ranch’s Rivers & Water Library, on the banks of the South Platte.


A little over a year ago, we excitedly posted about this new book from Little Toller. Hetty Saunders book is the first biography of one of the most revered and mysterious figures in modern nature writing, the author of The Peregrine, J.A. Baker. Our October 2017 post contains a wonderful short video that Little Toller produced for My House of Sky.

FullSizeRender (53)

Typical of all Little Toller Books, My House of Sky is a beautifully produced book, full of photos from J.A. Baker’s journals, and this one of his very well used binoculars.


Reading through Little Toller’s website is an education in itself — and so enjoyable too!

And be sure to visit The Clearing, Little Toller’s online journal of nature, landscape, and place. It’s a great way to keep up with their new authors!


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