The Special Season of September

Lost in a Better Place.9

Our amazing Eagle Scout-candidate Sam Bell just sent a terrific batch of Buffalo Peaks Ranch photos. Sam really captured the changing season in South Park!

Here’s the Cooks House, with Mount Silverheels (13,829 ft) in the distance. Next spring, the Cooks House renovation will be complete, with two new lodgings, a great kitchen & meeting place, plus a library dedicated to food, farming, and culinary traditions from across the globe.

Lost in a Better Place.12

Sam was there at Main House’s front porch, just as the sun rose over Reinecker Ridge.

Lost in a Better Place.16
A wonderful view of the Lambing Barn & sheds — the future site of a River Hut Library, featuring books on water, rivers & angling.

Lost in a Better Place.6

The South Platte River is running low, but trout still abound, and the beavers seem happy too!

Lost in a Better Place.14

The river is such a special part of Buffalo Peaks Ranch. It always feels good to make time to walk (& talk) along the meanders.

Lost in a Better Place.13

The grasses of Buffalo Peaks Ranch have really captivated us this past summer. We would love to have a special field class next summer on the grasses, sedges, and rushes of this historic South Park ranch. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Sam Bell for sharing these wonderful photos!

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