Building the Headwaters to Plains Network

Lost in a Better Place.13

Buffalo Peaks Ranch. the Land Library’s headwaters home. photo by Samuel Bell

We find our place in the world through land and stories, and the Rocky Mountain Land Library unites our passion for both.” — Mark Fiege, author of The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States

Books are the tools we love best. They have a way of connecting people across the globe, and over the centuries. Books help us discover and celebrate the beauty of our improbable blue world. And books provide us with the tools we all need to live lighter on the land.

Our year-end Fundraising Campaign got off to a great start, this past #GivingTuesday! But there’s more to come over the next few weeks. The funds we raise will fuel our ongoing efforts to establish a Headwaters to Plains Network — a network of library/learning centers focused on people and the land. Each library, spanning the urban/rural divide, will encourage discovery, quiet thought, creative pursuits, and active community involvement.


The Bunkhouse and Cooks House at Buffalo Peaks Ranch

Over the next four weeks we will send out weekly updates on our plans for 2019. The Land Library has ambitious goals ahead but we’ll need your support. We are excited about what we all can accomplish in the year ahead!


Our friend (& master carpenter) Ron Dirlam at our emerging urban Land Library in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood.

Step by step, book by book!

Feel free to click on our PayPal donation button below, or it you prefer to write a check, our best address is:

Rocky Mountain Land Library, 2550 W. 39th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211.

THANKS SO MUCH for your Support!

Click Here for PayPal.

For more on the Rocky Mountain Land Library & South Park’s Buffalo Peaks Ranch, we hope you enjoy this 7-minute video:


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