Denver’s Little Hive Library

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One of the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s largest book collections is on bees & beekeeping. Over the years the collection has expanded to books on all pollinators, such as mason bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and many others.

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So here’s the idea: with the help of inspired partners, let’s build a simple structure (a hive) to house a small library full of books on bees, beekeeping, honey, pollination and pollinators. Place the library alongside (or in the middle of) a pollinator garden complete with pollinator-friendly plants, mason bee hotels, and a variety of different bee hives. 

Then provide classes and gatherings for learners of all ages!

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Denver’s little hive library will feature hundreds of books like these:

unnamed (78)




unnamed (24)


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unnamed (91)


What do you think? Please let us know!




4 thoughts on “Denver’s Little Hive Library

  1. I think it’s an absolutely outstanding idea, and one that’s very topical, too, with the EPA just now re-deploying pesticides that are especially injurious to bees. It’s something we could do I Colorado that would have relevance almost everywhere, too. I’d even donate for it (small amounts as yet :-), :-)).

    • Thanks for the thumbs-up Rajander — and we feel the same way — the time is right for more & more outreach about bees & pollinators. We’ll keep moving forward with this – stay tuned!

  2. Hello RMLL folks, You asked for our opinions and so here’s mine for what it’s worth.  I believe you should emphasize our Colorado native bees and other native pollinators when developing your pollinator garden.  If you put in a living European Honey Bee hive, they will out-compete the natives.  Honey Bees are domestic animals, brought to this state for pollination services, honey, and wax.  They wouldn’t naturally survive here without human help and didn’t do so well here until clover and alfalfa were brought in for them to forage on.  Encouraging Honey Bees to promote insects is like encouraging cows to promote mammals.  I like the idea of having books on bees and beekeeping in a “hive” and perhaps examples of different historical kinds of hives is great for education, but don’t let anyone talk you into putting a living hive on the site.  I have nothing against European imports (my father was one), but in a beautiful place like the valley, our native pollinators deserve to be the center of attention.   Cheers! Mike  

    Michael J. Weissmann, Ph.D., Entomologist “Dr. Mike’s Bag of Bugs” Programs Kallima Consultants, Inc. P.O. Box 33084 Northglenn, CO 80233-0084 USA Phone: 720-872-6262 E-mail: Website:

    • Wow — that’s one of the best replies we’ve ever received — thanks Mike! Your thoughtful perspective is why we know the Land Library will need good partnerships to do this well. THANKS for taking your time to write — and for sharing so much. We’ll try to get this right! Jeff, director

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